Custom Line Navetta 30

Custom Line Navetta 30

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28.43 M

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7.31 M

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2.20 M

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Custom Line

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2 x MAN I6 CR 800 hp <br>2 x MAN V8 1000 hp<br>2 x MAN V8 1200 hp

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14 Nds

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Cruising speed

12 Nds

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115 Kg


Custom Line Navetta 30, the super yacht with authentic traditional charm.

The Custom Line Navetta 30 embodies the spirited spirit of a true masterpiece, with an avant-garde design conceived with reference to maritime tradition. The smallest in the Navetta range, this superyacht features a displacement hull that skilfully fuses seaworthiness, comfort, safety and customisation. With its bold dimensions of 28.43 metres in length and 7.3 metres in beam, the Navetta 30 sails with an elegance and lightness that evoke grace and freedom, offering a feeling of absolute well-being to its owner and guests.

The exterior design of this Custom Line stands out for its generous volume, balanced with elegant, captivating lines. The horizontal layout of the exterior lines gives this yacht a sleek, dynamic profile, while retaining a touch of timeless classicism. The lines of the hull extend this dynamic forward, ensuring excellent performance while optimising fuel consumption. In addition, the connection with the upper deck has been improved to create a clear separation between the hull and superstructure, creating two distinct areas united by a harmonious design.

Inside the Custom Line Navetta 30, harmony with the lines of the hull is perfectly achieved. This mega yacht offers a series of stylistic innovations, particularly in the layout of the spaces, allowing a fluid and coherent transition between the interior and exterior spaces. Every detail is designed to optimise the use of available space and volume. The design of the Navetta 30 is a perfect blend of modernity and the codes of traditional boats. While retaining classic elements such as rounded lines, window frames and the use of solid wood and brushed teak, a resolutely modern approach has been adopted.

For a more dynamic touch, the integration of carbon details, varnished finishes, ultramarine blue striped fabrics and personalised textures in quartz powder on fibreglass are omnipresent. This combination lends a sporty, elegant look to this super yacht, while preserving the harmony and timeless charm of classic styling.

Côté technologie, l’'innovation est au cœur du Custom Line Navetta 30. Certifié CE de classe A, ce yacht combine faibles émissions et performances de pointe. Mais la technologie ne sacrifie pas le plaisir de la navigation : des stabilisateurs et des systèmes Seakeeper en option garantissent un confort maximal lors du mouillage. Une isolation acoustique exceptionnelle est également assurée grâce à une analyse minutieuse des sources de bruit, ainsi qu'à l'adoption de planchers flottants qui réduisent la transmission sonore dans la salle des machines et atténuent les bruits de pas dans les zones réservées aux invités.

The Custom Line Navetta 30 represents a new dimension in yacht design and technology.

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Custom Line Navetta 30 - Luxury Superyacht

The Custom Line Navetta 30 is an avant-garde mega-yacht with authentic traditional charm...

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