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Pershing, the engine of your imagination

Pershing, a brand acquired by the Ferretti Group in 1998, has proven to be a true pillar of luxury boating. Pershing offers you luxury boats that combine sporty character and refinement. Rediscover luxury boating with a comfortable, distinguished and high-performance motorboat.

Born out of a passion for high performance, design and technology, the Pershing Yachts have become a true symbol for the yachting world in its entirety and the reference in the Made in Italy fiberglass open yacht sector.

From the huge success of the Pershing 45, which revolutionized the open yacht sector in the 1980s, to the company’s take-over by the Ferretti Group in 2004, Pershing has established itself as one of the leading Italian sporting yacht brands measuring between 50 and 170 feet, the aggressive lines of which are instantly recognizable.

The Pershing range stands out for its superior performance, continuous stylistic development, top quality materials and painstakingly designed interiors that offer ultimate comfort. Advanced construction methods, powerful engines reaching 7400 MHP and the use of surface propellers, hydrojets and gas turbines all combine to give Pershing yachts a distinctively sporting trim and up to 50 knot peak speeds.

Passion, creativity and continuous search for innovation have always been the primary values of Pershing’s philosophy, qualities that have been growing up with the brand since the beginning. The Italian brand launched many innovative models along the years, confirming its leadership.

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Pershing boats: elegance and power

A Pershing yacht lets you immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of the sea with unparalleled power. At Pershing, innovation is at the service of passion. These luxury boats are imbued with Pershing's desire to constantly renew the world of luxury yachting.

Pershing offers you the most powerful experience on the sea. The obsession with speed is in full swing for Pershing customers and for everyone involved in the production of Pershing yachts, the result of a supreme combination of aerodynamics, mechanics and materials, derived from state-of-the-art racing technology.

From the engine to the interior design, there is not a single element on a Pershing yacht that prevents the boat from reaching the highest speed on the sea. Because a Pershing is not driven: it is flown, just like a fighter jet or a race car.

The comfort of a luxury boat

Pershing yachts are renowned for their high standards. Fully equipped for your convenience, Pershing yachts are designed with attention to detail and refinement. Enjoy Music Hull, the revolutionary sound system that allows you to listen to music even below water level through the hull. Contemplate the beauty of the sea with Pershing's ingenious solution: the glass door disappears and merges the interior and exterior for an inimitable spectacle.

A yacht with sporty performance

All Pershing yacht models are equipped with a surface propeller drive, which ensures an optimal balance between power and fuel consumption in all conditions. Your new yacht develops more than 5100 horsepower thanks to its gas turbines with centralized waterjet propulsion. The carbon fiber that makes up Pershing yachts makes them lighter and stronger, while greatly enhancing their performance for sporty boating. These boats are ideal candidates if you're looking for a sporty performance yacht to charter or buy with a sleek look.

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