tips to charter a yacht

At Abys Yachting, we give you all our advice on how to charter a yacht with peace of mind.


1) Choose your broker: why abys yachting?

ABYS Yachting is a well-established French company successfully existing on the yachting market for more than 25 years! Our charter department is boutique style proposing a highly personalised bespoke service for each customer - the owners and the charter clients. We don’t look for quantity, our goal is to provide the highest quality service, and it is proven by all repeat many years lasting relationships with our customers. We are proud of it.

ABYS Yachting is a part of renowned yachting communities as MYBA (The Worldwide Yachting Association) and ECPY (The European Committee for Professional Yachting).


From number of guests and onboard facilities to budget and type of yacht, understanding your requirements is the first most important information which will help to find the perfect yacht. Yacht facilities, specific water toys, sport equipment, spa…we will ask the right questions and consider all information to make the further selection for you.

3) choose your dates

It is important to know if your dates are fixed or flexible, so we can present all convenient options. It is recommended to book your yacht charter at least six months in advance to ensure that you secure your preferred yacht and dates. Most of the recent and well-known yachts are often booked much in advance. But we also can manage the last-minute enquiries if you have spontaneous wish to enjoy your holidays onboard a luxury yacht.

4) find your destination

A wide variety of cruising destinations are available for charter: all Med and Adriatic (France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Turkey), The Americas and The Caribbean (+ BVI, The Bahamas), Alaska, Arctic, Asia, Indian ocean, Pacific Ocean and many other beautiful spots. Whether you have a specific place to charter in mind or are looking to be inspired, we will guide and recommend you with what to start planning your private yacht charter experience.

5) select your yacht

We take in consideration all your requirements and prepare the yacht selection which will fit your criteria. All over the world, we only work with the professional charter yachts and companies which are the part of world known yachting associations.

6) book your charter

Once you have decided that you wish to proceed with booking the yacht, we will prepare a contract and explain you all formalities and conditions, all the booking process and payments plan. We work with MYBA Charter Agreement.


Luxury yacht charter is a bespoken experience and your broker and the captain will create a personalised itinerary for you and your family taking in consideration your preferences for navigation, anchoring, which ports you would like to stay in, restaurants reservations, transfers, guided tours, specific requests etc. Let us know and we do the best!

8) be in touch with your broker

Charter broker and CA manager is a passion job, we love our clients, our owners, our captains and crew members, our colleagues brokers. We love to provide an extra luxury and memorable life experience, it is not just « renting a yacht ». Many of our clients are busy businessmen working hard all over the year and our goal is to make them relaxed onboard and satisfy every moment of this wonderful trip.

Your charter broker will always be available whether before, during and after charter.

Before: to work with your request, present you the best options, help to chose the right one and guide with all booking process.

During:to answer any upcoming questions and enquiries, speak with the captain, help with eventual changes and all other advises.

After:to help checking the accounts, sending back any refunds, get your positive feedbacks.

some tips to konw

What is an APA: APA is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance , an advance payment that covers all of your on board expenses during your yacht charter, such as fuel, ports, food, beverages and other expenses. While your charter fees include the hire of the yacht, the crew and the yacht's insurance, all other expenses are in addition to the charter fee and these are APA costs. APA amount can be 25-40% from the charter fee. At the end of charter, the captain presents the expenses report and any unused funds will be returned to the charterer.

Cash money: take attention to the amount, some sums needed to be declared onboard<

Shoes and high heels: are not allowed onboard for deck protection

Luggage: preferences for the soft luggage for the easier stockage

Pets: check before bringing your pet, some yacht owners don’t accept animals onboard and others accept with cautions

Smoking: not allowed inside the yacht for security reason but can be authorised on decks

Watertoys: the most fun onboard! If you wish to have specific watertoys, it can be additionally rented. Sime water toys such as jet-ski can request a specific license for use.

Ashore activities: can be organised upon request - guided tours, private jets, GP Formula 1 tickets, golf, photo sessions etc..

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