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Ferretti, Italian Nautical Intelligence

The Ferretti brand is the true incarnation of the sea-going tradition combining luxury yacht-building excellence and technological know-how.

It has been consolidated over the years with the creative intuition and talent for innovation of the brands founder.

Harmonious design and intelligent engineering are cleverly combined with a craftmanship that only a Made-in-Italy product can possess - an expertise which thrives to this day. Ever since 1968, the Ferretti brand has been the benchmark for boatbuilding. From planing flying bridge to semi-displacement yachts built in composite fiberglass Ferretti is able to meet the diverse needs of boat owners all over the world.

At Ferretti, the engineering skills generate state-of-the-art products that are in perfect harmony with the creative inspiration needed to conceive new solutions. It is the fusion of being and doing. Quintessentially Italian : know-how and style like no other.

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A unique design

Your yacht is more than just a boat, it is also a place to live. Each Ferretti yacht is unique in the world, imbued with the know-how and refinement of Italian boating. The timeless style of Ferretti boats is reflected in a subtle combination of the modern and the classic. All the richness of pure traditional style is combined with contemporary lines to give Ferretti yachts their sumptuous design.

Every color, every tone, every texture, every material is designed for your well-being, in perfect harmony with the harmonious landscapes of nature. Discover the clean lines of Ferretti yachts now and cruise around the world feeling right at home.

Ferretti: Yachts for beauty

Soak up the beauty of the world in all its splendor. Contemplate the sea and the land from your luxury boat to make every moment unique. The elegance of Ferretti yachts is perfectly combined with the immense richness of nature. Abys Yachting offers you to discover all its new and used Ferretti motorboats. Boaters can also enjoy a spacious boat with a Ferretti yacht charter for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.

Travel aboard a Ferretti yacht

Enjoy every moment aboard your Ferretti yacht . Both the interior and exterior of your boat are carefully designed to give you what you deserve most: perfection. Your luxury yacht will take you wherever you want to go in the greatest comfort possible.

Ferretti - Unparalleled craftsmanship

Ferretti yachts combine elegance and functionality. Take a seat aboard a prestigious luxury yacht that will take you seamlessly through all your cruises. The living spaces are designed with all the intelligence and ingenuity of Italian yachting . Generous windows give way to the majestic spectacle of the sea.

Aboard a Ferretti yacht, you can sail in perfect serenity. Handy, robust and efficient, Ferretti yachts take advantage of all the technological advances of the Italian group to guarantee you peace of mind.

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