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Price of a yacht, how much does a luxury boat cost?


Every year, the Monaco Yacht Show welcomes dozens of luxury yachts, each more majestic than the next. They range from 25 to 90 meters in length. But have you ever wondered how much such yachts cost? Abys Yachting provides you with some answers to determine the price of a yacht.

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Costs and purchase price

First of all, it is important to understand that the cost of a yacht is not only the initial purchase price. It is an investment that generates a number of additional costs related to its use or maintenance. Also, this cost will necessarily differ from one boat to another, depending on the equipment it has, its size and its performance.

Purchase price of a superyacht

Only a few lucky owners have these floating palaces. These boats are known for their unparalleled power, advanced technology and high quality equipment. Although everyone knows that such a boat is very expensive, few people really know where the high price of superyachts comes from.

The purchase price of a 100-meter superyacht is about 240 million euros. The VAT, depending on the country, can represent up to 1/4 of the price of the boat. In addition to this initial purchase price, there are several recurring costs that are important to consider when calculating the total cost.

Fuel cost

The fuel consumption of a yacht is one of the most important costs that cannot be avoided. However, not all yachts are equal when it comes to fuel consumption. Not only the engine, but also the weight and equipment of the yacht greatly influence the fuel consumption and therefore the cost of the yacht. For your information, a yacht measuring 70 meters in length consumes about 500 liters per hour. For such a boat, you will need to plan for an annual fuel budget of 350,000 euros.

Maintenance of the boat

These sea behemoths require regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. The maintenance of a superyacht, with overhaul, mechanics, the larger and more complex the boat, the higher the cost. As an example, for a 50-meter boat, the maintenance cost is close to half a million dollars.

The crew

The crew represents the other part of the cost of a yacht. Indeed, a competent crew is necessary to make a yacht fully operational. The salary of the crew depends mostly on its size. Smaller boats will not need many sailors, while superyachts can reach crews of more than 50 people. Of all the crew members, the captain's salary represents the highest cost. It amounts to about 60,000 euros per year for small vessels, which can double or even triple for the largest yachts.

Superyacht equipment


A superyacht is a particularly luxurious yacht that is distinguished by its size and its very high standard of equipment. For example, it is estimated that the Eclipse, one of the longest yachts in the world, cost its Russian owner Roman Abramovitch almost a billion euros.

For good reason, it has, among other things, two swimming pools, a nightclub, a cinema, a private garden, a health institute with jacuzzis, hammam and saunas, two helicopter pads, and even a harbor that can accommodate speedboats and a submarine!


prix d'un superyacht

Purchase price of a yacht

As you can see, the purchase price of a yacht depends largely on its size. For an average yacht of about 40 meters, you will have to count on 12 million euros at the time of purchase. In addition to this, you will have to pay for maintenance, crew salaries, fuel consumption, and other costs that we have not detailed such as anchoring, mooring and insurance of the yacht.

Price of a small yacht


If you want to join the happy yacht owners, you can find your happiness in the second-hand market. Some good ones can be found for less than €250,000. Still in the second-hand market, yachts of about 25m are more likely to be found between €500,000 and €1,500,000, depending on the recency of the vessel and its equipment.

Price of a charter yacht


Most yacht owners sell their yacht within three years of purchase. These boats can then be bought back second hand, or put back into service, for charter. For example, a luxury superyacht of about 50 meters can be rented for up to 200,000 euros per week.

To conclude on the price of yachts

Operational costs are an important part of the yacht price. Generally speaking, the larger the yacht, the more expensive it will be. Here is an order of magnitude that can simplify the estimation of the cost of a yacht: the operational cost is about 10% of the purchase price. Thus, the annual expenses of a yacht bought for 5 million euros new can be estimated at 500,000 euros per year.

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