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The Pershing 9X, an unrivalled maritime experience

Abys Yachting is proud to present the Pershing 9X, a feat of naval design that defines yachting excellence. Its bold silhouette and exceptional performance promise an unrivalled sailing experience, marked by elegance, power and comfort.

Discover the Pershing 9X, a true masterpiece on the water, where modern technology meets contemporary aesthetics to create a yacht that epitomizes maritime luxury.

Elegant design for an impressive presence

The Pershing 9X impresses first and foremost with its design. With its elegant lines and sleek silhouette, this 28.09-meter-long, 6.23-meter-wide yacht makes a bold statement on the water. Her majestic presence leaves no one indifferent.

But the beauty of the Pershing 9X goes beyond its outward appearance. Inside, you'll find a meticulous layout that combines comfort and functionality, creating a welcoming space to enjoy your voyage at sea.

The power of the Pershing 9x: performance and speed

The heart of the Pershing 9X lies in its propulsive power. Equipped with two MTU engines delivering 2638 HP each, this yacht is capable of impressive top speeds of 42 knots. The Pershing 9X is not only fast, it also offers a smooth and stable ride, whatever the sea conditions.

This Pershing yacht lets you enjoy a cruising speed of 38 knots. This impressive performance means you can traverse the waters quickly, while enjoying smooth, stress-free sailing. Combining speed, stability and comfort, the Pershing 9X offers a superior sailing experience that leaves you free to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Incomparable comfort

The interior of the Pershing 9X is just as impressive as its performance. With its 4 luxurious cabins, this yacht offers incomparable comfort. Each cabin is carefully arranged to maximize space, while offering a high level of comfort and privacy. These spacious cabins are more than just a place to rest; they're a private sanctuary where you can relax and recharge after a day's sailing.

The Pershing 9X also has space for 2 crew members, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on your voyage. These crew quarters are designed with the same attention to detail and comfort as the rest of the yacht, ensuring a pleasant working environment for your crew.

A yacht to suit all your needs

The Pershing 9X stands out for its versatility. Whether you're planning a family getaway, an outing with friends or a solo cruise, this yacht is perfectly suited to your needs.

Its open design and flexible layouts mean you can customize your boating experience to suit your desires, giving you unprecedented freedom on the water.

The promise of a luxurious cruising experience

The Pershing 9X is more than a luxury yacht - it's a promise of reliability. Every detail has been carefully thought out and executed to ensure exceptional durability and performance. When you choose the Pershing 9X, you choose a carefree sailing experience, backed by the Abys Yachting promise of quality.

Buy your Pershing 9X with Abys Yachting

At Abys Yachting, we're proud to offer the Pershing 9X, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Our after-sales service and commitment to excellence guarantee an exceptional maritime experience.

With its combination of elegant design, impressive performance and incomparable comfort, the Pershing 9X is the ideal choice for your next maritime adventure. Contact us today to find out more about this exceptional yacht!

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