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22.00 M

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6.20 M

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2.70 M

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Fishing Equipment, Jet-Surf, Paddle-Boards, Seabobs, Snorkelling Equipment





At-anchor Stabilizers, Hydraulic Gangway, Teak Cockpit, Balcony, Liferaft, Passerelle, Underwater Lights, Solar Panel, Underway Stabilizers, Swimming Ladder, Gangway




Beach Club, Hot Tub / Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Exercise Equip, Sauna / Steam Room

Prix - Summer 2024

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35000 € / semaine

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Basse saison

24500 € / semaine

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West Mediterranean


Le Bianca est un yacht de location de 22m de long, construit en 2023 par GRAND SOLEIL. Les prix varient de 24500 € à 35000 €. Il peut accueillir jusqu'à 9 passagers dans 0 cabines. Contactez votre courtier en yachts de location pour recevoir plus de détails sur la location du yacht GRAND SOLEIL Bianca de 22 disponible à la location dès aujourd'hui !

The Bianca is a magnificent 72' 3" cruising sailboat that launched into the marine industry in 2023. The vessel is a remarkable testament to state-of-the-art nautical engineering and sophisticated design, specifically constructed to provide extraordinary experiences on the open sea. Embarking on the Bianca signifies partaking in a world of navigational luxury that embodies the perfect blend of performance and comfort, combined with opulent aesthetics and superior functionality.

She boasts a length of 22m, a measurement that asserts her presence undeniably on the water. The Bianca is a confluence of practicality and splendor, perfectly entwining a spacious layout with an avant-garde engineering design. This superb cruising sailboat displays her naval architectural prowess with surprising agility and strength, belying her size and outshining her contemporaries in terms of power and swiftness.

Establishing a new standard in the arena of cruising sailboats, the Bianca merges tasteful elegance and exceptional craftsmanship in all 22 meters of her hull. Her exterior is a sight to behold, with sleek lines and a smooth finish that emphasizes the boat's modern design while paying homage to traditional marine aesthetics. The sailboat's hull is meticulously designed to seamlessly fuse strength and stability while ensuring ideal weight distribution to maximize the sailing performance.

The construction quality of the Bianca is simply exquisite, with the hull built from the finest composite materials, ensuring reliability and durability even in the harshest sea conditions. Moreover, Bianca's design implemented cutting-edge sailing technologies to enhance the maneuverability and bolster the overall marine performance, thus providing superlative seakeeping abilities and offering an exceptional sailing experience to those who step aboard.

On deck, the Bianca is a sublime exemplar of maritime leisure. The spacious deck was thoughtfully planned to facilitate movement and socializing while maintaining essential functionality. It features a cozy cockpit that has enough space for comfort during tedious passages. Its design also allows easy and safe access to all working components of the sailboat, such as the winches and helm, emphasizing the vessel's dedication to the safety and comfort of those onboard.

Below deck, Bianca continues to impress with a lush, inviting interior that perfectly balances comfort, luxury, and practicality. Featuring contemporary design softened with warm, traditional marine elements, the living quarters have an immediate ''feel at home'' ambiance rare to find on most modern cruising sailboats. The living space has an open, airy layout, elegantly furnished and meticulously decorated to feel both cozy and spacious. The Bianca offers a full galley kitchen equipped with up-to-date appliances, a comfortable salon area ideal for dining and socializing, and ample sleeping accommodations. The cabins are a sweet escape from the bustling life above, designed with utmost care to offer seclusion, luxury, and comfort.

The Bianca is well-equipped with the latest navigation and communication equipment tailored to ensure safety, ease of use, and reliability. Advanced sail control systems with onboard computers govern essential ship operations, simplifying the business of navigation and making journeys smooth and stress-free.

In conclusion, the Bianca is a cruising sailboat that exceeds the highest standards of luxury, comfort, and functionality. From her aerodynamic design, captivating exterior, and aesthetically pleasing interiors to her sophisticated navigational systems and stellar performance on the water, this vessel, since her launch in 2023, has proven not just to be an impeccable creation of marine technology but also an epitome of maritime luxury. As a testament to the prowess of modern shipbuilding, Bianca continues to inspire awe and admiration from every onlooker, effectively blending the rich tapestry of traditional nautical charm with the sparkle of modern amenities and conveniences.

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