Mapauto Golf Cup 2018: A unique event

Mapauto Golf Cup 2018: a unique event

Abys Yachting had the honour of being a partner of the 2018 Mapauto Golf Cup.

Founded only 7 years ago, the MAPAUTO GOLF CUP is a charity golf competition that has grown tremendously in popularity thanks to the presence of an increasing amount of celebrities.

The fabulous media coverage that the event is now attracting is helping "Tous derrière Léa" raise more money towards this worthy cause.

On the 26th May, 2018 the association raised an incredible €90,092 ! A record sum which bears witness to the growing awareness and popularity of MAPAUTO GOLF CUP.

03/07/2018, 14:46:00 Rédigé par Mélina Lalli
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