Disinfect your boat for this summer!

To start this new nautical season in complete safety, Abys Yachting offers you 10% discount for your yacht disinfection solution, carried out by our partner Haven Azur!


The beautiful days are coming and you are starting to plan your holidays on your boat. However, the Coronavirus pandemic forces us to remain vigilant and to continue to respect the barrier gestures. There is a lot of movement on a yacht; between crew members who live on board and take care of the maintenance, owners who come with their families, brokers who give tours, visitors who take turns renting the boat... A lot of movement that could contaminate your yacht. So, whether you're sailing for yourself or renting out your boat, we recommend Haven Azur's biological disinfection solution to eliminate any viruses from your boat. 


How does your yacht disinfection work? The Haven Azur team of experts will visit your boat and carry out the cleaning in two stages. Firstly, a thorough wiping with a virucide solution on high traffic areas and electronics, and secondly, the diffusion of fine particles of dry fog via a specific machine, which will disinfect all surfaces and decontaminate the air. Ceilings, walls, floors, inside cupboards, seats, sofa... a complete coverage of the room and the air, while being non-corrosive for all types of materials, including textiles and electronics.


It is the most effective medical solution to eliminate all bacteria, fungi, spores, yeast... and all viruses, including Covid 19! Your boat will be healthy and clean for you to enjoy this summer!


Abys Yachting offers you a 10% discount for your yacht disinfection with the code "ABYS10"! Go to to take advantage of this offer.


30/04/2021, 14:51:45
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