Most expensive yacht in the world

Most expensive yacht in the world

Yachts never cease to make people of all ages dream. Like palaces on the seas, these luxury boats offer high quality services: screening rooms, dance floors, sports rooms, saunas and spas are just some of the features of superyachts.

However, there are some yachts that are more appealing than others, either because of their price or their size. Today, Abys Yachting takes a look at the most expensive yachts in the world.

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The Topaz

This 147-meter long high-end yacht is packed with luxury amenities designed for the well-being of its passengers. Jacuzzi, swimming pool and even gym are on board the superyacht estimated at nearly 450 million euros. Her imposing size and eight decks allow her to accommodate more than 50 passengers. She was built by Lurssen Yachts, a flagship company of the German shipyard based in Bremen.


The Azzam

Some yachts are jewels of comfort. Among them is the Azzam, this 176-meter-long boat is indeed one of the most expensive in the world. Just like the Topaz, it is the result of the know-how of the German shipyard. The boat belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyane. For a long time the largest yacht in the world, it was recently dethroned by the Rev Ocean. Today, the value of this yacht is estimated at about €600 million.

The Eclipse

Mythical boat owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovitch, the Eclipse was inaugurated in 2010. Measuring 162.5 m long, it has long remained the longest and most expensive ship in the world. Its total cost is estimated at more than 1.5 billion dollars, or nearly 1.35 billion euros. While it is considered by many to be the most expensive ship ever built in the world, mystery surrounds a rival ship, the famous History Supreme.

History Supreme, the most expensive yacht in the world?

The most expensive boat in the world today would be the History Supreme. This boat would have been thought by the designer Stuart Hughes, known for his work on gold objects. It would belong to an anonymous happy owner from Malaysia. The most expensive yacht in the world has a total estimated value of over 4 billion euros.

However, it is not because of its size or its luxurious equipment that it owes its price. History Supreme is a boat entirely designed in unique materials. With a gold hull, a deck and an anchor made of precious metals, and even a real dinosaur bone, it's easy to see where this yacht's price tag comes from.

But does this boat really exist? It's hard to give much credence to a yacht that would be designed with over 100 tons of solid gold. The History Supreme is more of a legend than anything else.

**The Eclipse is still the most expensive yacht in the world with a value of 1.5 billion dollars.

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